Lifestyles - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Lifestyles program. You can click on the questions to view the answers, otherwise please contact us if your question isn't answered here.

  • Q: What does the lifestyle team do and who are they?
    The lifestyle team is headed by Lindy Fry-Mitchell. We are a small team of 7 people who are dedicated to making the quality of life here at Auckland Place the best it can be. We can be identified by our purple polo shirts. We provide support and activities to all residents at New Auckland Place.
  • Q: What lifestyles activities are offered at New Auckland Place?
    A variety of outings are organised on a regular basis and include: shopping, harbour cruises, visits to farms, Evenglow and Morning Melodies. Crafts and indoor activities are a staple. Bingo and hoy are regular favourites and our local entertainers provide frequent opportunities for sing-alongs. Our monthly calendars are included in this website; check out some of the fun we have.
  • Q: How can I interact with family members?
    With a vibrant community like New Auckland Place, residents are encouraged to invite relatives and friends along to enjoy our in-house facilities. Our cafe is a great place for residents to gather with their friends and family. We have a BBQ area and quiet rooms for families to use. Family Sunday brunches and BBQ nights are held on a monthly basis. Families and friends are always to join in any activities on our activity calendar, as well as joining us on weekly outings.
  • Q: How do we get involved in the decisions at New Auckland Place?
    Our resident and relative meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. Residents and family members are all welcome to come along and provide feedback about our services. These meetings are held to ensure residents and families are satisfied with the programs that are running at New Auckland Place.
  • Q: Can I participate in external community groups I currently belong to?
    Residents are encouraged to continue their participation in external community groups. It may be CWA, Rotary, Lions or maybe you are a member of the Shell Collectors Club, whatever it is, talk to the lifestyle team and we will be happy to assist with continued involvement.
  • Q: When and how do I get my hair done?
    Our hairdresser comes every Monday. If you would like to make an appointment, just let one of the lifestyles team know.
  • Q: How do I pay for my lifestyle outings if I don’t want to keep much cash in my room?
    We encourage our residents to join the Wednesday outings, when you join the New Auckland Place community you are asked for a monthly budget to spend on outings. The cost of the outings is added to your monthly account and we help you to stick to your monthly budget by offering affordable outings.
  • Q: How are birthdays celebrated?
    Every birthday is important; we have a huge birthday cake on the last Friday of every month to celebrate. Families are encouraged to utilise the private dining room or our court yard/BBQ area for their own celebrations; just ask reception for assistance.
  • Q: How do I get involved in the activities?
    When you join the New Auckland Place community, you will be introduced to the lifestyle team (purple shirts) and given the weekly and monthly activity calendars. We will knock on your door each day to invite you to the activities. You are welcome to accept or decline the invitations. If there is a particular activity that you are keen to participate in just let the lifestyle team know and you will be added to our regulars list.
  • Q: Can I still attend my regular church services?
    We have monthly church services for the Anglican, Catholic, Uniting & Baptist Churches, as well as weekly communion from our friends at the Catholic Church. If your church or spiritual group is not represented by this group, our lifestyle team are more than happy to contact your group and arrange regular services in our theatre/chapel. Our community aims to meet the spiritual needs of all of our residents.